April 24, 2012 Mark Bulling

Another visualisation of 118 Years of US Weather Data

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I posted yesterday about weather data sourced from NOAA to look at how hot this March was compared to previous years and used a couple heat maps in R to look at how temperatures compared based on using the rank of each year for each state (so if, say this March in Florida was the hottest since 1895, it would achieve a score of 118). 

To make the visualisation a bit more interactive, I’ve put the data into Tableau Public, making it possible to interact with the map and look at the average temperature across all 48 contiguous states in any year going back to 1895. If you click on any individual state, this will update the line chart at the bottom so you can see how that state’s temperature has moved over the last 117 years (for annual data there are only 117 data points as we’re only half way through 2012). 

You can access it here: http://public.tableausoftware.com/views/USTemperatureDashboard/Dashboard

(Tableau Public doesn’t play nicely with embedding into WordPress 🙁 )

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