Glasseye: bringing together markdown, d3 and the Tufte layout

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Glasseye is a package I’m developing to present the results of statistical analysis in an attractive and hopefully interesting way. It brings together three great things that I use a lot:

  1. The markdown markup language.
  2. The Tufte wide margin layout
  3. Visualisation using d3.js

See a full demo of what it can do here and the you can visit the github repository here

Here is what it looks like when transformed into html.


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 13.48.35


The idea is to be able to write up work in markdown and have the results transformed into something like a Tufte layoutof which more below. For the Tufte layout I took the excellent tufte.css style sheet developed by Dave Liepmann and co and made a few changes to suit my purposes. Finally I’ve added some d3 charts (just a small selection at the moment but this will grow) that can easily invoked from within the markdown.

It’s all very very beta at the moment. I’m not claiming it’s ready to go. I would like to add lots more charts, redesign the d3 code and improve it’s overall usability (in particular replace the tags approach with something more in the spirit of markdown) however I thought I’d share it as it is. Hope you find it interesting

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