We have worked with Coppelia since the beginning. They have been instrumental in helping us move our analytics proposition forward into a contemporary and advanced space. With Coppelia’s help we have upskilled all our analysts and successfully created a more innovative and creative analyst community.
-Client CEO


Our client, like so many others out there, was looking to find, train and retain good data scientists. This is a common problem, quite aptly summarised by Bob Violino, in Forbes, “If you thought good plumbers and electricians were hard to find, try getting hold of a data scientist.”

The specific challenge, for our client, was taking the team of data scientists they already had and moving their skills away from proprietary technologies to open source tools; more flexible, better suited for handling large data sets, and of course more economical!

What we did

We took their existing team and ran a 12 session training course on the core principles and the tools of data science; going from an introduction to data science and coding best practices through to machine learning, web scraping, simulation and advanced statistical modelling, using tools that included R, Python, Javascript, Hadoop, and AWS.

We tailored the lessons and materials to suit our client’s data and analytical aspirations. These included videos, exercises and quizzes, all available online and will continue to be so for all new employees. And we didn’t just stop at theoretical learning; we ran a number of in-house workshops to take on current business problems so the data scientists could cement and further develop their newly acquired skills. It also encouraged them to work together in finding creative solutions to the challenges they faced.


By advancing the skill sets of their data scientists, our client was not only able to broaden the range of analytics they could offer, they were also able get those insights out to the business faster. This changed the culture of the entire organisation. Becoming a ‘data-driven’ organisation is difficult when insights are not delivered at the pace as the rest of the business but our client found, with the data scientists working at the same tempo, they could ensure data was at the heart of all their strategic and operational decisions.

Why Coppelia?

At Coppelia, we believe in developing data scientists in house. Why? Being a good data scientist is not just about strong mathematics and understanding leading-edge technologies; it is vital that the insights derived are meaningful and actionable for your business. And no-one knows your business, and therefore your data, like you do. Building a strong in-house data sciences team will allow you to combine analytical techniques with contextual understanding to get the most value out of your data.

We have run our training courses and mentoring programmes with many different clients, across retail, financial service and media.

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