Simon was excellent throughout: he grasped the brief immediately, quickly converted hypothetical discussions into an achievable plan of work. Simon far exceeded what we hoped might be possible within the time and budget available. All of this was delivered with great warmth and with ideas expressed in terms that everyone could grasp. I couldn’t recommend Simon any more highly. – Andy Hamflett Co-Founder and Director at AAM Associates



Our client, The Trussell Trust, a charity which provides foodbank services in the UK, has seen an increase in demand for their assistance across the country. With their vision “to end hunger and poverty in the UK”, they wanted to be able to forecast future needs to help them invest their funding, ensuring they can continue to provide their vital services.

What we did

We teamed up with The University of Hull and AAM Associates to develop an operational planning tool that gave Head Office and local managers an understanding of how their current usage was distributed geographically, where future needs are likely to be and, most importantly, where there might be a gap in meeting those needs.

Coppelia used predictive modelling on census data to understand the drivers of poverty which lead to food bank usage. We then built an interactive mapping tool, using d3.js and leaflet.js, that shows areas where the model predicts a high demand. This was overlaid with points showing the current foodbank centres.

This was a collaborative project, with a number contributors across the country. This entire project was managed by Coppelia online, through the use of collaborative tools (asana, box and google docs), leading to a faster, more efficient delivery.


With this tool, our client were able to identify those geographical areas that need their support. And as this tool was developed using open source technologies, development and implementation costs were kept to a minimum.

This tool was the primary benefit, but as a result of building this tool, Coppelia were able to provide the charity with useful insight into some of the major social and economic factors that drive poverty in the UK. This armed the charity with valuable intelligence that could used to further the debate on hunger and poverty.

A Screenshot from our Interactive Mapping Tool


Why Coppelia?

We adopt a principle of no analysis should go to waste. The end objective of this particular piece of work was a operational planning tool, but in getting there, many interesting facts about food poverty were uncovered. When developing data products for your organisation, we will provide you with all the additional learnings that are unearthed along the way.

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