Simon Raper has the skills and the expertise to get straight to the heart of the problem and his solutions are always original and exciting. He is the best person I have worked with in his field and I would not hesitate to recommend Coppelia to anyone needing analytics or just some clear thinking about data and what to do with it.
– Client Chief Operations Officer



Our client – an online genealogy service – were looking for ways to make their products more fun and engaging, to attract new customers and, importantly, to keep their existing users coming back for more. They knew they needed to offer something distinctive to make them stand out from their competitors and, given the level of data they use to provide their current products, we knew that an opportunity was there to make more of it.

However, to us, their brief was quite simply “how do we make it more exciting?”

What we did

Working with creative teams in the business, we developed the idea of tipping a family tree onto its side so that it can be seen against a horizontal timeline of important historical dates. This made use of the wealth of data that the organisation already had and reinvented the classic family tree – allowing people to people to ‘walk through’ their own history.

But Coppelia didn’t just finish with an idea. Using D3 libraries, we turned this into a series of interactive visualisations to give the board a real flavour of what this could look like for their customers, enabling them to choose the right design for their customers.


This work gave our client a novel way of using their data that would allow them to offer something new to their existing customers and attract new ones. We were able to quickly prototype these ideas so the organisation could see what it is possible to achieve. And because it was developed using D3, the prototypes were already in the right development language for their product team to be able to take on the chosen design.

A Sankey Diagram made with D3

A Sankey Diagram made with D3

Why Coppelia?

This piece of work perfectly plays to Coppelia’s strengths; data, technology and creativity. We love to think of intriguing, unique ways to bring life to data. For this project, Coppelia took inspiration from the Mike Bostock’s Sankey diagram.

What is D3

D3 is a javascript library for building interactive visualisations. It provides almost unlimited flexibility in presenting data but also aligns to industry standards for building web pages, so our visualisations are easy to implement on your website. For more information, see the d3.js site.

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