Our work with Simon has accelerated our business into a space I couldn’t imagine a year ago. And working with Simon is such a pleasure. Not only is he able to bring structure and meaning to the most complex data he does so from a deeply commercial and pragmatic place. He dials down ‘the esoteric’ because he knows that humans have to use his models and tools. And perhaps most importantly for me he has a great sense of humour. – Client Director



That corporate reputation is important is beyond question, but how do you quantify it?

Our client, a global PR firm, wanted to measure the reputation of their clients so that they could advise them on how it might be improved. But you can only advise on how to improve reputation if you understand its causes. And you can only understand its causes if you are clear on what reputation is and how it works.

Coppelia suggested that they develop a formal methodology that would help clarify the concepts involved in reputation. This would cut through the fog that often surrounds the discussion of reputation and give a clear picture of how it works and how it can be measured.

What we did

Coppelia built an analytical framework for not only measuring, but also understanding the drivers of reputation.

As this is a broad and complex subject, we didn’t just dive straight into the survey work, rather we conducted some initial strategic research into the current academic views on corporate reputation; bringing together perspectives from behavioural economics, psychology and the social sciences. This allowed us to develop our own view on the structure of reputation, which could then be used to design reputation surveys,

Once the survey work had been done we distilled the survey data into five distinct reputation dimensions using a statistical technique similar to that which is used to measure IQ. These dimensions allowed us to create a measurement framework which, when coupled with some sleek infographics, allowed our client to carry out engaging diagnostic reviews of reputation with their own clients.


Our work gave our client a clear definition of what reputation means and helped them understand how it works. These clarifications, alongside the measurement framework, enabled them to offer their clients a complete review of their reputation and a view on what can be done to improve it.

Why Coppelia?

We are a data science agency that can provide an analytical perspective on your whole business – not just do the data analysis. We understand that not every problem is clear cut, with the data ready and waiting – some important work needs to be done first to prepare the ground. Our way of working allows you to bring core data science principles to even the most ambiguous of situations.

An Infographic Comparing the Reputations of Global Brands


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