Here’s a list of the posts we’ve had so far:

  1. #sherlock & the power of the retweet
  2. 118 years of US State Weather Data
  3. A confused tangle
  4. A decision process for selecting statistical techniques
  5. A new home for pifreak
  6. AI & Art
  7. An A to Z of extra features for the D3 force layout
  8. Animated Densities
  9. Another visualisation of 118 Years of US Weather Data
  10. Are there any good five letter dot com domains?
  11. Bayesian Business Intelligence
  12. Beautiful Hue
  13. Book Recommendations from Beyond the Grave: A Mahout Example
  14. Book Review: The Art of R Programming
  15. Box Me
  16. Buster – a new R package for bagging hierarchical clustering
  17. Clegg vs Pleb: An XKCD-esque chart
  18. Concept map for Spark and Hadoop
  19. Converting a dendrogram into a graph for a D3 force directed layout
  20. Converting an R HClust object into a D3.js Dendrogram
  21. D3 – another acronym to learn
  22. Dendrograms in R2D3
  23. Deploying your Mahout application as a webapp on Openshift
  24. Distribution for the difference between two binomially distributed random variables
  25. Do politicians sound the same? An investigation using Latent Semantic Analysis
  26. EC2 Tutorial: NumPy and SciPy
  27. EC2 Tutorials: Getting Started on Amazon Web Services
  28. EC2 Tutorials: Installing new software; yum, pip, easy_install, sudo-apt
  29. EC2 Tutorials: rJava – annoying enough to have its own blog post
  30. EC2 Tutorials: Scheduling tasks on EC2 using Crontab
  31. Excuses and Opportunities
  32. Expected switching for the Dirichlet distribution
  33. Finding neighbours in a D3 force directed layout
  34. Four weeks to launch!
  35. Freehand Diagrams with Adobe Ideas
  36. From Redshift to Hadoop and back again
  37. From Zero to D3
  38. Generating Artificial Sales Data
  39. gist: csvToPipe
  40. gist: dfToJSON
  41. gist: url parse
  42. Glasseye: bringing together markdown, d3 and the Tufte layout
  43. Google Refine: One of The Best Tools You’ve Probably Never Heard About
  44. Graphing the history of philosophy
  45. Include uncertainty in a financial model
  46. Interactive Mapping
  47. Introducing R2D3
  48. Lazy D3 on some astronomical data
  49. Mahout for R Users
  50. Making an R Package: Not as hard as you think
  51. Mapping in Minutes
  52. Modelling for decisions
  53. Multicollinearity and Ridge Regression
  54. Non overlapping labels on a ggplot scatterplot
  55. Picturing the output of a neural net
  56. Quick start Hadoop and Hive for analysts
  57. Quick start regex for analysts: Part I
  58. Quick start regex for analysts: Part II
  59. Quick start regex for analysts: Part III Cleaning up a messy dataset
  60. R: Creating a shortcut to run a gWidgets GUI
  61. R: Dealing with package updates
  62. R: Subsetting a list based on a condition
  63. R2D3 Updates
  64. Robot Marketing
  65. Scoring a Neural Net using R on AWS
  66. Searching for Christmas: How to customise your Gephi diagram with D3
  67. Some new functions I’ve discovered in R
  68. Spark and R
  69. Split down the middle – Using the polls to forecast the likelihood of Brexit
  70. The analyst’s toolbox
  71. The changing face of “Analysis”
  72. The local neighbourhood of C Major
  73. Thorstein Veblen and Hard Coding
  74. Two Quick Recipes: Ubuntu and Hadoop
  75. Using D3 to show cost, revenue and ROI
  76. Visualising cluster stability using Sankey diagrams
  77. Visualising Shrinkage
  78. Visualising The Correlation Matrix
  79. Visualising the Path of a Genetic Algorithm
  80. Voter Relationship Management
  81. Welcome to Drunks and Lampposts
  82. What are degrees of freedom?
  83. Where are all my girlfriends? Why women are under-represented in tech.
  84. Why are pirates called pirates?

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