7 Day Segmentation

Agile means fast. In just 7 days we can build you a customer segmentation that is ready to use across the business. We work backwards from use cases to ensure relevance. We neither over simplify nor over engineer.

Kick Start Machine Learning

Use data to predict the behaviour of your customers, including acquisition, churn and lifetime value. Applying the latest in machine learning need not require a major investment. We can prove the value in days using open source software.

Rapid Decision Mining

The key question for any analytics project is: how does the available data impact decisions? Success means accessing data quickly and efficiently, understanding business decisions and having the statistical know how to bring the two together even when data is missing or corrupted.

First Principles Build

Some analytical problems can be fiercely difficult, resisting off the shelf solutions and forcing us to revisit the underlying maths. However breakthroughs can transform your business and give you the edge over competitors. We offer bespoke solutions to challenging problems.

Simulated War Games

What will happen to your business when a new competitor enters the marketplace? How might one more recommendation for every ten customers transform your business? We build agent based simulators that demonstrate the consequences of decisions/events in a complex world

Viral Visualisations

A successful visualisation has a life of its own changing the way people see and talk about your business. We balance aesthetics, information content and interactivity to build visualisations that will go viral.

Data Science Incubator

An in house data science capability will change the way your business works. However the skills are hard to find. We advocate growing your own data scientists and offer a range of services to cross train your analysts including tool training, mentoring, coding and stats workshops, project hot housing and hackathons.

Concept Briefing

What exactly is machine learning? What is hadoop and do I need it? Where do I start or what is my next move? What skills should I be looking for? Our concept briefing sessions are for business decision makers who need to quickly get to grips with the key concepts.

Geo-spatial Modelling

Predict your customer’s next purchase from the town and street in which they live. We combine the results of predictive modelling with the latest in mapping technologies to produce tools that will help you understand your customers at a local level.

Machine Learning and Analytics based in London, UK