An agile approach to analytics

We could show you some complicated flowcharts that demonstrate how your organisation will benefit from large scale analytics projects but the truth is you don’t know unless you try it. We get you off the ground very quickly with a prototype that will immediately answer this question. This is the agile development methodology that has been around for a while in software development but we’re applying it to analytics. Build something, learn from it, improve it.

The right tool for the job

How can we get going so quickly? It’s about choosing the right tool for the job. We know how to get your data out of your systems and how to reshape it into something useful. Then there’s the question of which algorithm or statistical model to use. Many analytical projects fail because the chosen technique is either far too complex or far too simple. It’s a question of selecting the right one to uncover the meaning in your data.

Keep it relevant

Next we keep it relevant. It’s very easy to get sidetracked but we stay focused on the objectives of your organisation. We use our expertise in statistics to deliver you an answer that is just precise enough to reach the right conclusion but not so much so that it leads to unnecessary effort and expense.

It's got to look good

We understand that it’s got to look good. For analytics to make a difference in any organisation it’s important to get people excited and that means talking about it and sharing it. For this to happen visualisations need to be not only clear and meaningful but also intriguing and attractive. And there needs to be interaction too, whether that’s simply the eye exploring detail or more directly through browser based graphics.

Size is not a problem

We’re skilled up in the latest tools to emerge out of the big data revolution. If you wish we can use cloud computing to parallel process your data to get answers hundreds of times more quickly than traditional methods.

Machine Learning and Analytics based in London, UK