We run hands-on workshops covering a wide range of subjects in data science from machine learning and NLP to advanced statistical modelling.

What kind of training do we offer?

Our mentoring and training programmes are custom built to suit the needs of your business. We offer some standard packages but can combine them in any way that suits you and can create new ones if you have a requirement that is not covered here.

The following are offered as one or two day workshops, online or in person.

Advanced Clustering and Dimension Reduction with Scikit-Learn

Understand and put to use the more advanced clustering and dimension reduction techniques in sci-kit learn.

Advanced D3, Building Visualisations From Scratch

The great thing about D3 is that there is no limit to what you can invent. Create your own beautiful interactive visualisations...

Advanced Supervised Learning with Scikit-Learn

Learn how to use the more advanced supervised modelling techniques, how to build pipelines and how to tune your classifiers ove...

D3, A Gentle Introduction

D3 is a powerful javascript library for creating browser based visualisations. Learn the basics in an intensive one day workshop.

Data Manipulation Using Pandas (Python)

Find out how to use the powerful but intuitive python library pandas to explore your data and transform it ready for modelling ...

Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Learn how to use Tensorflow to create deep networks that can classify images, sounds and free text.

Delivering a Data Science Project

Learn how to run an efficient data science project without going down rabbit holes or losing sight of your objectives.

From R to Python in One Day

If you are a proficient R coder and would like to learn python as quickly as possible this intensive one day workshop would be ...

From Python to R in One Day

Python is great as an easy-to-use all purpose programming language but when it comes to statistical analysis R as greater depth...

Geo Mapping Using Javascript

We show you how to use leaflet.js to create beautiful interactive maps over which you can overlay your company data.

An Introduction to Machine Learning using Scikit-Learn

Scikit-learn is a powerful python machine learning library that will allow you to build predictive models on your business data.

An Introduction to Natural Language Processing

Find out how to use spaCy and scikit-learn to classify documents and pull out structured information from free text.

An Introduction to Machine Learning using Scikit-Learn

Scikit-learn is a powerful python machine learning library that will allow you to build predictive models on your business data.

Statistical Model Building Using R or Python

We take you from linear regression all the way to advanced modelling using mixed effects and Bayesian hierarchical models.

Time Series Forecasting using R or Python

From simple autoregressive models to advanced techniques that can automatically choose the most appropriate method depending on...

Training or mentoring or both?

If you have a small team of data scientists with specialised roles then the best option is usually to run mentoring for each of them. For large teams, or teams where some members are only partially involved in data science, then it can be more cost effective to mentor the more advanced members of the team and run group sessions for the whole on team on wider topics of general interest.

Note, many of our clients find it particularly effective to engage us on other project based services (e.g. Next-Gen Customer Segmentation), while at the same running our mentoring and training programmes. This ensures that the technology and methods used in the project are integrated with the training and your team are in a good position to take over and further develop the work that we have done for you.